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School Teachers Turn To Crowdfunding For School Supplies

Crowdfunding can solve the problems that seem difficult to overcome by using the power of the masses. The most beautiful example of this came from the US recently. Shortly before schools began, thousands of Virginia teachers turned to crowdfunding to purchase the necessary school supplies not covered by state and local budgets. With this case study, it seems that the changing lives will increase with mass funding.

Virginia’s funding per student in 2019 declined significantly. With the crisis, the average amount spent on each student was determined as 10.530 dollars. This figure was well below the national average. After this situation, the problems came to light as teachers had to spend their own pockets for classroom materials. And the fact that Virginia teachers were paid well below the US average was an important factor triggering the events.

The solution came from the crowdfunding platforms. The presence of 2.172 crowdfunding websites based in Virginia also provided a significant advantage. Since 2007 alone, 6.000 projects have been financed at Hampton Roads, raising more than $ 2,9 million. Teachers seeking help for school equipment also turned to these websites to raise funds.

Social Media Boosting Crowdfunding

An awareness had to be created in order to reach the desired level of school supplies. An important step was taken by Courtney Jones, a teacher from Texas. With the #clearthelist hashtag on her personal twitter account, Jones created awareness for crowdfunding campaigns prepared for the students and enabled other teachers to participate in these campaigns. As a result of this online label, people entered the public funding sites and started to buy school supplies such as books, pens and notebooks.

As you can see, crowdfunding plays an important role in solving many problems. What happened in Virginia is just one example. This system, which is used all over the world, has been proven to benefit many times from education to health. It seems that it will continue to change lives for the better.

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