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Scaled Robotics wins Startup Battlefield with 3D construction site maps

Buildings can be turned into an inextricable labyrinth during construction. Plans, materials and organizing employees can be quite difficult. Aiming to solve this problem, Scaled Robotics won the award at Startup Battlefield with the robot they developed.

The Scaled Robotics team created a robot that autonomously navigates construction sites using a 360-degree camera and a special lidar system to systematically document its surroundings.

With its object recognition system, it can detect the difference between a built wall and a rock, or the difference between an electric ladder and a classic ladder. The robot can also compare information with the source CAD model of the building and draw a precise picture of the progress made. For this purpose, Scaled Robotic has developed a special computerized vision model suitable for the task of separating obstacles in structures and identifying everything between them.

The robot is able to tour faster than a few people thanks to measuring tapes and panels. This robot is also equipped with a fixed laser measuring device that is carried from room to room.

Thanks to the simultaneous location and shifting (SLAM) technology, it can measure from multiple perspectives over time, creating a highly sensitive and rich model of the environment.

The system collects data automatically. Optionally, the robot can be controlled autonomously or manually. In the first phase, the robot weighed 70 kilograms. However, with the improvements, it went down to 20 kilograms and became portable.

Scaled Robotics’ project was selected as the best start up project for the Startup Battlefield recently and won the award.

Take a look at how the robot works and what it is capable of from the video below.

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