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Robot Traffic Police Put On Duty In China

Robots have become more visible in our daily lives. Another good example is the robot traffic police put on duty in Chinese roads. Three robotic team of cops will help their human colleagues maintain order.

3 Robot Traffic Police, 3 Missions

One of the three robotic polices that looks like a human traffic officer in a yellow uniform and a white hat is the “road patrol robot.” His mission is to identify and take photos of drivers who have committed illegal behavior.

The second team of robots’ duty is to give advice to drivers. These robots will work in the stations, drivers can give directions and remind the traffic rules will make recommendations. At the same time, these robots will work day and night to ensure maximum safety in traffic by informing the safety teams of the drivers they find suspicious.

The third team’s task is to minimize the bad consequences of accidents. These robots, which can detect accidents, will be able to quickly report to police and medical teams. Thus, the most urgent way to respond to the accident site. At the same time, accident notification robots, which will inform other drivers on the roadside that an accident has occurred, can significantly reduce the bad consequences of the accident.

china police wearing smart glasses

China and security technologies

China’s use of technology in the security field has increased further with robot traffic police teams. China was the first country to use facial recognition to find illegal criminals and to enforce RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in cars. In addition, Chinese police officers began to wear glasses with face recognition technology. These innovations show how much China attaches importance to technology in the field of security.

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