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Recycling Robots Help Waste Sorting to Make Recycling More Economical

Carbon dioxide emissions and global warming shows that we need to act urgently. In addition to atmospheric pollution, soil and water pollution is one of the most important problems to be solved. Every day, millions of tons of garbage are mixed with soil. Can recycling robots be the solution to this problem?

China, which is one step ahead of the world in recycling technologies, had been buying the vast majority of recyclable waste such as plastics worldwide until recently. China, taking these wastes at very cheap prices, recycled and supplied cheap raw materials to the production of plastic products that it dominated. In recent years, the Chinese government has imposed strict restrictions on this trade, as plastics can cause minor environmental pollution even if recycled. For example, China will need to have a maximum pollution rate of 10% in order to purchase waste from the United States.

As a result of these restrictions, the proportion of waste in the US has increased considerably and US companies and researchers have sought solutions. The recycling robots seem to be the major solution. Robots, integrated with people in processing plants, can quickly identify which waste is recyclable. The ability of robots to increase productivity to a great extent, as well as the dangerous work for humans can take over.

Touch Capability in Robots

The recycling robots’ operating system is quite simple. The robot arms, guided by artificial intelligence-supported cameras, can separate recyclable garbage and collect it in other boxes. AMP Robotics, who conducts the work, reports that their new goal is to improve the ability to detect by touch, as cameras can be confused.

“Old recycling facilities are inadequate to meet the new industry standards demanded by China and other buyers. Companies and Municipalities have to invest in these new technologies in order to compete.” said Brent Bell, Vice President of Waste Management, one of the most important US waste companies.

Although recycling is a costly technology today, it proves its need as the most efficient method for environmental pollution that we have to deal with.

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