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Real Racer: First Person View (FPV) RC Car Experience

RC cars were fun vehicles that we all played and enjoyed tremendously as a child. They’re still fun for most of us. These vehicles, which are still used by adults as a hobby, are now well developed. It is even possible to get into your toy car by wearing a VR headset now!

Get ready to return to your childhood with Real Racer. Real Racer, which consists of an RC car, RC control and a VR headset, promise a completely different RC driving experience. If you couldn’t imagine how something would come out of the combination of these three, you should definitely check out the video below.

As the name suggests, The Real Racer FPV RC car has a first person view (FPV). There is a wireless camera on the car. When you wear your VR headset, you can connect to the camera and see the world through the eyes of this camera. That makes you feel like you’re in the car.

Real Racer car offers 20 minutes driving time on a single charge. It can go as fast as 20 km/h. You can control your car within a range of 30 meters. The camera can record 720p images. The car is also compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can easily share your saved videos.

Developed by an initiative called Kobotix, Real Racer collects funds through the crowdfunding campaign. The project, which has already exceeded its target, has a pre-order price starting at $ 94.

For more information about the project here you can visit its campaign page.

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