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Professional Skier Julian Carr Turns to Crowdfunding to Raise Awareness on Climate Change and Global Warming

Entrepreneur and pro skier Julian Carr has launched a crowdfunding campaign, looking to raise $ 5.5 million USD to fund an ad during the Super Bowl in order to raise awareness on the issue of climate change and global warming.

As an ambassador for nonprofits Protect Our Winters and the Climate Reality Project, Carr is taking the issue very seriously. It is a topic that concerns all of us and should be open for discussion and communicated to a broader audience. The need of talking about the issue has grown after earlier this year the Trump administration made an official announcement of its plans to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Accord.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise enough money to buy 30 seconds airtime during the Super Bowl 2018 to air a commercial that shows Climate Change data. The Super Bowl airtime for ads is extremely expensive as it reaches the biggest audience in the USA.

The 2017 statistics show the impact Super Bowl ads have: according to FoxSports, there were “110 million viewers and a total audience of 172million”; according to HuffPost, “more 18-30-year-olds watch the Super Bowl for commercials than the game”.

The campaign is totally non-profit. If it is successful and reaches the goal by December 22, $5.2 million USD will be used for producing the commercial and $300.000 USD will be spent on Kickstarter fees.

For the production of the ad, Carr has partnered with the San Francisco-based agency Goodby-Silverstein & Partners. The project has been endorsed by climate scientists James White, interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at University of Colorado, Boulder, and Eric Fine of Yale Program Climate Change Communication.

#AirMyGlobalWarmingAd up to date has raised $ 15,055 USD, an amount way smaller than the target. There are just 8 days left of the campaign, so if you want to follow the progress of the project, you can check out the crowdfunding page here.

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