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Prepd Pack – The New Generation Lunchbox For Healthier You

Nowadays, more than ever we are conscious about the food we put in our bodies. The nutrition trends of the past several years are many – from vegan through keto to raw food diet, – they all have their fans and their critics.

Food plays a key role in our health, overall well-being, on the way we look and feel. Making better choices, however, isn’t very simple, especially when you work long office hours and the canteen in the building doesn’t always have good options.

Bringing lunch from home is the perfect alternative if you want to follow specific nutrition diet. But it also saves you money. There are many benefits of bringing your lunch to work, but many professionals refuse to do so, mainly because it seems as such an overwhelming thing to do.

Until this awesome product came to market – the ultimate lunchbox Prepd Pack. The product takes the way you prepare and bring your lunch to work to a whole new level. The lunchbox stands out with its sleek design, a high-quality modular system of containers and magnetic cutlery.

Prepd Pack simplifies the whole process – from planning through shopping for the meals to tracking the nutrients – it all is done through the app. The app offers great recipes that are created by professional chefs, are perfect lunch alternatives, and are easy to prepare.

The app allows you to save time shopping for your lunch prep, to track the nutrition value of the food you prepare, and even to share the photos of your creations.

Crowdfunding Success Story

Prepd Pack made a splash with their crowdfunding campaign. Back in 2016, the cool lunchbox campaign was 5756% funded and raised $2,930,569 USD total funds. The product is available at a price of $69 USD, which includes 1 Prepd Pack case, 1 large container (with saucepot), 2 small containers and 1 set of magnetic cutlery. Any additional containers or if you prefer chopsticks can be ordered separately.

Are you ready to have healthier lunches at work, to save some cash and meal prep time? This is the perfect product for you!

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