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Prepd Colors: Stylish Colorful Lunchbox

Prepd, producing colorful, fun and convenient lunch bags, is on track again. And this time with a more affordable and more colorful model. The initiative, which raised over $ 1 million from the previous crowdfunding campaign, is again attracting great attention with the new one.

The name of the new model is Prepd Colors. As the name suggests, the most remarkable feature of the lunch box is the abundance of color options. Dwelling on design and practicality, Prepd seems to have perfected the idea of ​​a lunch box that people would not be ashamed of carrying, again.

Prepd Colors stands out with its modular, convenient and durable structure. The bag, which fits in many different types of food containers, keeps your meals safe with its magnetic lock mechanism.

Another nice beauty of Prepd Colors is the mobile app. You can follow what you eat from mobile application, and you can also get a more regular and healthy eating habits with recipe and nutrition advice.

Prepd introduces the new lunchbox through crowdfunding. The initiative, which set off with a $ 25,000 fund target, raised almost $ 500,000 in funding. The $ 39 pre-order price of the lunchbox has a great part in it.

For more information and pre-order here you can visit its crowdfunding page.

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