PowerUp 3.0 Turns Your Paper-Made Flying Airplane Into a Flying Machine

How many of you have ever made a paper flying airplane? From folding the paper to hoping that it flies far – the whole process is fun. Believe it or not, one gadget is now making flying paper planes even better!

PowerUp 3.0 turns your paper-made airplane into a flying machine, which you can control from your smartphone. Yes, you heard it right – you can control your hand-made paper airplane through your smartphone. How cool is that?

PowerUp 3.0 consists of a smart module that you attach to the folded paper airplane and an app through which you can navigate the module. And the specs are fascinating – 10 minutes flight on one charge, 55-meter range, crash-proof bumper, precision control, and automatic trust to assist the plane when turning.

The app features are also very cool – on the screen of your smarthone you will see a magnetic compass and artificial horizon, and different indicators – for the trust level, the charging status, battery level, and thrust level.

Here is how PowerUp 3.0 works:

Crowdfunding Success Story!

PowerUp 3.0 run a crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 USD. But the campaign was way too successful – 21,412 backers pledged $1,232,612 USD to help bring this project to life. And why not to be? Who doesn’t love paper planes? And who doesn’t love technology? When both are combined, success stories are born.

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