Plantone Smart Garden – The Ultimate Device for Indoor Gardening

Growing plants at home is something we all want, but for certain reasons, we are constantly postponing it. Between our busy work life, holidays and travel, it takes a lot of effort, which frightens many of us. Mistakes in plant maintenance can also lead to a negative outcome of this process. But Plantone seems to bring a new understanding of indoor gardening with its features.

Plantone is an all-in-one lighting, watering, and planting system that allows you to grow up to 5 different species at one time. With its automatic watering, adjustable lights and compact size it makes indoor gardening very simple and fun.

Adjustable Irrigation System

Plantone can be adjusted independently for each plant and provides a convenient facility for those who want to grow different plants at the same time. It can learn and adjust the amount of water the plants need, thus eliminating the problem of over or under-watering. Another feature is the ability to perform irrigation with five automatic pots placed in the system.

Light is an important factor in plant cultivation. Plantone also provides a valuable solution to light. The LED light used can provide your plants with synthetic light regardless of the outdoor environment, even if there is no light in your apartment. Wide wavelength LEDs that produce the balance of cold and warm light that replicate the natural solar spectrum can meet the needs of your plants.

Realtime App

Easily controlled via a smartphone, Plantone lets you water your plant even when you’re away from home. The water tank underneath it can meet the plant’s water requirement for 60 days. Plantone allows you to grow your plants for up to 60 days by changing the lighting settings on the smartphone without any operation during the time away from home.

Plantone can be used easily by people who like to grow plants. Thanks to its smart features, it allows users to enjoy garden experience indoors.

Plantone is currently being funded on crowdfunding platform Arıkovanı. Here you can go to the project page and have a detailed look.

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