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Pix: A Smart Backpack With A Customizable LED Screen

What do you pay attention to when buying a backpack? Its usefulness, volume, size, or its price? You will change your mind after seeing this interesting backpack. Especially if you’re looking for a unique one.

Launched as a crowdfunding project, Pix stands out as a retro-screen backpack. As you might expect, it works with a mobile app and it has a media library involving animation, widgets and even Tetris-like retro games. You can either use them or create your own pixel shapes with a simple editor.

The backpack, which looks very attractive in terms of design and shape, does not compromise on functionality. The bag, made of solid materials, has a lot of pockets to put your things in. And the LED display, which is hidden by a fabric covering, does not add extra weight to the bag. The Pix is ​​a little big for kids, but the developers say they’re working on a smaller model.

All electronic components are waterproof. Since the LED screen itself is completely flexible, the bag does not give any discomfort. No charger comes with the bag to power the LED display. However, a standard 10.000 mAh mobile charger can keep the display alive for up to 6 hours.

An expensive toy

The biggest disadvantage of Pix is ​​the cost. Special to its crowdfunding campaign Pix is sold at $ 216 but after the campaign is over it will be sold at $ 260.

The idea of ​​a bag with a customizable LED display may not be appealing to everyone, but it seems like a pretty attractive accessory for the personalization enthusiast who wants to reflect his personality.

The Pix, which was also exhibited at CES 2019, is about to go the mass production phase. Here you can get detailed information about the product and pre-order.

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