PIQO: A Powerful 1080p Pocket Projector To Enlighten Your World

Do projectors always have to be large and unstable devices that are difficult to install or carry? According to the developers of the pocket projector named Piqo, the answer is no. The pocket-sized projection device offering great portability and the image quality comes to win the game.

With an average action camera size, Piqo can project images up to 240 inches in full HD quality and 200 lumens. Running on Android operating system it can connect to almost any device.

Piqo works both as a stand-alone device or connect to devices such as smartphones, tablets and televisions wirelessly or with cable.

To ensure that the operating system runs smoothly, the projector has a 64-bit quad-core processor. Piqo uses long-lasting LED light DLP technology (digital light processing) to project the image.

The pocket projector seems to be very versatile in terms of connection. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-fi technologies as well as HDMI and USB ports. It can also be paired with Windows, Android, iOS and iMac devices. Piqo offers built-in 16 GB memory for those who prefers offline streaming.

With its massive funding campaign, the Piqo projector seems to have made its success known to the masses. The project has so far raised nearly $ 1.5 million in funding with the support of thousands of backers.

Although the mass funding campaign has ended, Piqo is still able to pre-order at discounted prices. Here you can get more information about the device.

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