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PaMu Scroll – Smart, Stylish, Affordable Bluetooth Earphones

The phone manufacturers are leaving headphone jack. This pushes the market to produce more Bluetooth earphones. Choosing the right earpiece from hundreds of alternatives in the market is also getting harder. But PaMu Scroll Bluetooth earbuds stands out from the alternatives with its smart features and affordable price.

PaMu Scroll stands out with its high quality features compared to its low price. The scroll in the name comes from the cylindrical leather case that comes with the earbuds. This scroll can charge the device wirelessly.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the device can be used to listen to music, as well as to answer incoming calls. Just tap the headset for this.

According to user reviews, the sound quality of the device is extremely satisfactory. In addition, many users also praise the ergonomics of the earphones.

Developers do not recommend swimming with headphones, even if the headset is water resistant.

PaMu Scroll, a crowdfunding success, has raised over $ 1 million through this alternative funding source. Moreover, there is still a week before the campaign is over.

In this success, the device’s share of the pre-order price of $ 49, which is considered to be quite affordable, and the features that exceed this price are large.

To get detailed information about PaMu Scroll Bluetooth earphones and to pre-order visit its crowdfunding page.

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