PAKT One – The Ultimate Travel Bag for Minimalists

Minimalism is growing in popularity – more and more people prefer to embrace the minimalist lifestyle of owning less and getting rid of things that just take up space, distract them and clutter their lives. In the consumerism-oriented world that we live in, the transaction to a minimalism can be difficult.

This is why more and more people, who have embraced the lifestyle of owning less, are happy to share their tips and suggest products that can help anyone else, who is interested in taking the leap into minimalism.

The most popular minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus share their experience in their “The Minimalists” podcast. They also starred in the Netflix documentary dedicated to minimalism – Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.

It is no surprise that their advice is taken very seriously by others, who are interested in the transition. So, when they introduced to the world PAKT One, describing it as “the ultimate travel bag for those who know the benefits of traveling light and avoiding airline headaches”, it raised its popularity to the roof, leading to an ultra-successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Malcolm Fontier produced the bag back in 2011 and the product had its fair share of customers, who wanted it, but after partnering with The Minimalists the product received tremendous attention and support by many fans.

Lightweight, durable, stylish and organized – Pakt One offers everything that a minimalist needs in order to make their travel experience more comfortable. The bag also introduces the first-of-its-kind TSA pocket that makes getting through security very simple.

The crowdfunding campaign closed on January 7, 2018, with $1,268,096 USD total funds raised, making the campaign 2489% funded. On Indiegogo, PAKT One is available at a price of $250 USD + shipping, and for $630 + shipping you can get your hands on the Travel Trio.

PAKT One is the perfect solution for everyone, who doesn’t want to have a countless number of travel bags that take up so much space in the closet and bet on having one bag that does it all!

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