Onlock Smart Lock Keeps Your Furniture Safe

Security technologies are progressing rapidly. In this field, technologies that work in integration with our smart devices come to the forefront. Onlock Smart Furniture Lock brings a new approach to security technologies.

Onlock Smart Furniture Lock can be defined as an electronic lock system that allows you to control your locks by installing on your furniture such as drawers, cupboards, cabinets, caisson. Smart Furniture Lock works with Bluetooth support. It allows you to remotely control your locks. Locking and unlocking with a remote device also provides convenience.

Key Sharing Feature

You can instantly share your key with anyone via the Onlock mobile app. Whether a time range or specific days and times you can authorize. As the owner of the lock, you can instantly cancel the authorizations and protect your belongings safely.

The mobile application keeps track of everyone you share your key with and use the lock. So you can see who has access to your locked compartment. It also has two-factor autentication system. This provides the same level of protection as the security system used in the banking sector.

Long Battery Life

Smart Furniture Lock stands out with its long battery life. It provides up to 2 years of battery life with 2xCR123A batteries so you don’t have to change the batteries often. Sends a notification to your mobile phone when the battery level is low, so you don’t forget to change the battery in time.

The drawers and closets are favourite places for kids to tamper with. Onlock prevents the kids from an accidental access to medicine cabinets, detergent and cleaning materials without causing an accident and losses.

The developer team of Onlock Smart Furniture Lock is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Arıkovanı to fund their project. But first they need your feedback. Here you can go to project page and shape its future with your comments.

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