ONDU III: Pinhole Camera With A Sleek Wooden Design

The camera market is full of materials from plastic to magnesium alloy. However, we do not see much wood in these devices. ONDU is coming to fascinate pinhole camera enthusiasts with its awesome wooden design.

The new Ondu III series of the Slovenian startup has alternatives in different film sizes and different formats. The cameras are mainly made of walnut wood, while the inner parts have CNC-milled aluminum.

According to Ondu, new generation cameras use a magnetic shutter for smoother, non-shaky shots. Pinhole camera series are also surrounded by hidden magnets that allow the photographers to use Ondu’s new filters. All you have to do to use the filters is to drop them on the lens.

Ondu also shared the new Rise series with the classic cameras. Rise series is using three pinholes instead of one.
This change allows photographers to take a more comfortable photo with the 1/3 rule. Rise series offer models from a 120mm film to 4×5.

As before, Ondu has turned to crowdfunding for its third generation Pinhole camera series. The company says the third series is based on feedback from photographers using the first two generations of the camera.

The company is again enjoying a successful crowdfunding journey. They set up $ 20,000 fund target in the first place but have already raised close to $ 100,000. So Ondu III is now ready to be successfully produced.

The classic series has a pre-order price of $ 89, and the Rise series starts at $ 168. Prices are increasing as film sizes increase. Those who ordered for Ondu III will get their devices in May.

You can get detailed information about the device by going to the crowdfunding page here.

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