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Obsbot Tail: AI-enabled 4K Camera For YouTubers

Taking videos with your smart phone is now easier than ever. Whether you shoot vlogs or what is going on around you, all you have to do is press the record button and extend your arm to the target point. But when you want to shoot yourself from a farther point or in action, the arms are desperate. At this point, the Obsbot Tail Auto-Director AI Camera 4K camera enters the scene.

Obsbot Tail, which is developed by Chinese startup Renso, perceives and focuses on the objects around it with its ai feature. The 12-megapixel camera with 3.5x optical zoom rests on a 3-axis gimbal and smoothly performs swivel movements.

The camera looks especially ideal for shooting action scenes. It masters all the action while you are skating, playing ball or dancing. And you don’t have to have someone around to shoot you.

Obsbot can also detect various hand gestures. For example, by showing your palm to the camera you can focus yourself, and by making a peace sign you can activate zoom feature. The camera also has six different shooting modes.

Designed to be 3.3 inches wide and 7.3 inches in size for easy portability, Obsbot looks light and small enough. The camera’s battery lasts a little over two hours.

Renso is collecting pre-orders through a crowdfunding campaign. They have so far raised over $ 250,000 in funds. The pre-order price for Obsbot Tail is $ 450 and the estimated delivery date is April 2019.

You can get detailed information about the product by going to Obsbot Tail’s crowdfunding page here.

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