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New Crowdfunding Platform Allows Private Investors to Support Robotics Startups

Launched by the business mentoring organization Britbots on September 26, the newest equity-based crowdfunding platform Britbots CROWD operates in a very specific niche – it serves solely British based robotics startups. The platform aims to make it possible for private investors to build an investment portfolio of new and promising robotics companies.

In a prepared statement, the founder Dominic Keen commented: “Whilst talking to investors about the British Robotics Seed Fund we realized that there was a broad appetite amongst investors to include some high-potential robotics businesses in their portfolio on a discretionary basis without necessarily going down the fund route. Hence we are delighted to have launched Britbots CROWD, the world’s only dedicated equity crowd-funding platform for robotics companies, giving investors direct access to this exciting class of investments for the first time.”

The companies that are listed on the platform will be accepting a minimum investment of £200, along with which they will receive mentoring and business development support. All of the listed startups, including ZOA Robotics, bot program support company Botskill, drone provider Tethered Drone Technologies, software company Redbeard and computer programming educational organization Future Technology Resources, have already been backed with funding by Britbots’ British Robotics Seed Fund.

ZOA Robotics CEO Thiago Acevedo commented on the listing of his company on Britbots CROWD: “I’m pleased to be working with Britbots CROWD to source new investors for our current funding round. It can be difficult to identify investors who are specifically interested in robotics companies when using other equity crowdfunding platforms and so I’m confident that Britbots CROWD will do a good job of filling this niche.”

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