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Mui: Interactive Wood Panel for Peaceful Digital Living

Forget about electronic ink or OLED screens. Meet the latest smart panel technology. With the interactive wood panel named Mui, you can track news and weather, or even send messages.

Mui is the signature of the Kyoto-based company named Nissha, specializing in capacitive touch sensors that is also used in the Nintendo Switch. Mui works on the same principle and when you touch the wood panel, the interactive screen becomes active. You can perform the operations you want from the drop-down menu. Among them, you can also browse the news, text and receive messages.

Mui, which works in harmony with smart systems at home, can be connected to other smart home appliances such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue and Sonos via IFTTT.

The idea of connected wood may sound like a strange idea in the first place. However, Mui may be the most valuable household item you are looking for. Its greatest strength is the ability to integrate digital platforms into everyday life in a warm and noiseless way. After all this smart device takes its name from the Japanese word “silence.”

Mui, a crowdfunding project, continues to receive pre-orders. The smart wood panel is sold for $ 599 alone. The bundle which consists of the SDK and Raspberry Pi connection, costs 999 dollars.

To get detailed information and pre-order you can visit the crowdfunding campaign page here.

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