MODIUS: The Wearable Technology That Promises to Give You a Leaner Body

Now that we’ve welcomed 2018, the time for turning these exciting New Year resolutions into reality has come. Losing these extra pounds often make the top of the list for many people. If getting rid of the extra weight is on your “2018 goals list”, here is a product that you might be interested in – MODIOUS is here to help you get lean.

MODIUS is an innovative product that promises to help you lose weight and get a leaner and a healthier body. Developed by neuroscientists, the technology works by stimulating the parts of the brain that has been shown to influence the body processes of burning fat.

The part of the brain that controls body weight and appetite is called the hypothalamus. The body weight can be controlled by vestibular stimulation, which is exactly what MODIUS does – the device stimulates the vestibular nerve that connects to the hypothalamus.

“Modern diets are not working. Across the globe, people are struggling to maintain a lean and healthy body. This is putting enormous pressure not just on individuals, but entire healthcare systems. Neuroscience has proven that unhealthy weight gain is often an issue which is controlled by the brain”, CEO and co-founder Jason McKeown said.

Maintaining healthy weight is a goal for many people and when such an innovative and groundbreaking technology as MODIUS is introduced to the world, it inevitably drowns tremendous amount of attention.

MODIUS crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo was extremely successful with $1,950,782 USD total funds raised. The campaign was 3098% funded on October 7, 2017, and is currently at a shipping stage. Another success story powered by crowdfunding!

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