Minis: World’s Smallest Oscilloscope

Meet Minis, the world’s smallest oscilloscope. After struggling with the problems of oscilloscopes being too expensive and primitive, Minis aims to create a solution by completely changing the electronic measuring devices and making them accessible to everyone.

Today, oscilloscopes which are frequently used by the people who are interested in electronics, look just like microwaves or old radios. These devices, which take so much space in laboratories weigh around 3 kilograms and cannot be carried easily. The display screens and buttons on these highly expensive devices make it very complex and difficult to use.

Minis converts these large, expensive and complex devices to pocket sized and mobile based versions using Industry 4.0 technology. Which means that you can now use your phone, tablet or computer by connecting to your Minis as an oscilloscope.

It aims to eliminate the complexity and learning barrier in oscilloscopes. The buttons on the oscilloscopes are transformed into finger movements according to their functions and a new interface is designed for that.

With Minis’s user-friendly application’s interface, you can observe your measurements at your fingertips, you can work simplier as you wish.

Developed by Turkish startup named Compocket, Minis is about to turn to crowdfunding. But before the campaign starts on Arıkovanı, the project owners wants to hear about your comments.

Here you can visit its crowdfunding page and leave your feedback.

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