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MIA Interactive Robot Makes The Life of Your Pet More Fulfilled!

From the famous crowdfunded potato salad through Kurt Braunohler’s Cloud Project to The Menurkey campaign – crowdfunding projects never stop to fascinate and surprise us.

Just when you thought that you’ve seen it all in crowdfunding, another cool yet odd project appears on the scene to wow us all with its uniqueness.

Technology impacts every aspect not only of our lives but also of the lives of our beloved pets. Kolony Robotic has created a friendly robot for cats and dogs that is called MIA.

MIA is your pet’s best friend – the robot doesn’t only play with your cats and dogs but also gives them treats and keeps them active. MIA is an autonomous robot that moves around the house on its own. It has the ability to avoid obstacles so you don’t have to worry that it will fall down the stairs or will crash at a wall.

Along with the impact and stair detection system, the robot has many cool features – it is equipped with versatile dry food dispenser, has an easy start function, it is bite proofed, works on hard floors and carpets, and even its eye color is customizable.

Why Your Pet Needs MIA?

According to the creators of the robot, MIA is set to become the best friend of your pet. It is a great way for your cats and dogs to exercise, which helps them lose weight. It also helps them have fun, which reduces the anxiety and stress level of your pets. And yes, many pets are stressed and anxious!

MIA Crowdfunds

The founders of MIA are currently running a crowdfunding campaign – so far 39 days to go and the project has already raised over $25,000 USD from more than 160 backers. Apparently, the oddest the project, the more liked it becomes over time!

Would you buy your pet a MIA?

Cover Photo Credit: Kolony Robotic

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