Meet Zulu Kids – The New Generation Parental Control Device

Many parents are being criticized for letting their children surf the web unsupervised. But for children and teenagers, who are adapting quickly to new technologies, the Internet isn’t harmful when used effectively. Parents, however, are challenged when it comes to monitoring their children’s behavior online. To satisfy the needs of both sides, here comes Zulu.

Zulu Kids is an access point device that is created with the idea to allow parents to have control over the usage of the Internet at their homes without to obstruct kids from the Internet completely.

How Does It Work?

Using Zulu Kids is simple – just plug it in your modem and a power supply and connect to the free mobile app Zulu Portal. Through the app, you can make and manage the settings you want.

“Not only this, Zulu Portal will also update your kid’s device in case of any new operating system version release and with a single click in the app, you’ll be able to reach our technical support team in case of any technical problems. The app will be available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store,” as the Zulu page on Arikovani reads.

Designed so that everyone can use it comfortably, it gives you full authority over your home Internet with its cloud infrastructure behind it. Your information is stored securely in the cloud system.

The team of developers behind the product has been focusing on optimizing Screen Time with the first version. Upcoming updates will allow integrating your house network with your children’s school networks in order to achieve a balance between school activities and Internet use.

The Zulu Kids project, which is aiming to raise 60.000 TRY, is currently in a preparation phase on Arikovani. Learn more about the project by visiting their crowdfunding page here.

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