Meet The Turkish Drone Ape X

Ape Drone, the Turkish company that works in the field of drone development, is currently working on their first drone model Ape X. The company has taken the process to the crowdfunding scene as currently, their project is in a social thinking phase on Arikovani.

The company’s Ape X named drone has features that will not be underpinned by its competitors on the market. The 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer delivers the 4K camera you can capture images for up to half an hour during flight.

Ape X is controlled by a controller called Mime. Mime is very sensitive to movement and manipulates the drone movement according to the movement of your hand. There is an analog control on it, which allows it to move easily down, to elevate and to rotate around the person using it.

The camera on the drone can be easily controlled with the help of two camera keys. The home-return functions work with position protection (hover) and GPS technology and can be managed by a button on the back.

One of the most remarkable features of the drone is the FPV (first person view), the first eye view feature. The live broadcast module added on the drone is live broadcasting in the VR monitor with FPV kit. So you can experience flying first-hand. Moreover, you do not pay any price difference for this system which is embedded in all APE X’s.

Another highlight feature is that it has open source code. So you can modify the drone as you like and add your own module to the drone.

Ape X is waiting for your feedback and ideas before the official launch of the crowdfunding campaign. Take a look at their Arikovani page here and share your opinion.

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