Meet Swenna – The Backpack of Tomorrow

Technology does not just change the world, it changes our needs as well. Produced to meet our changing needs, Swenna brings fashion and technology together so people can have more fun and discover more.

If you look at the features provided by Swenna, it is the first time that you charge your phone wirelessly. When you are not using your phone, you can put your bag in the quick access pocket and charge it. Apart from this feature, with Swenna’s LED lighting, you can easily find the items in the depths of your bag.

Another great feature of Swenna is its modular structure. When you travel, your expanding smart bag can shrink when you need to carry computers. Besides, when your phone rings in your bag, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, your bag lets you not miss out any calls.

What are the Features of Swenna?

  • Wireless Charger Pocket
  • Led Lighting
  • USB Charger
  • RFID Protection Pocket
  • Wireless Charger Pad
  • Waterproof
  • Key chain
  • Earphone Holder
  • External Hook
  • Bluetooth

Swenna, standing out among other bags with making life easier for its user, seems to have an important place in the future.

Swenna, made by a Turkish startup, is about to be launched on Arıkovanı via crowdfunding campaign. Here you can go to the project page and get detailed information about Swenna and share your ideas with the developer team in the Comments section.


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