Meet Kodris – The Application That Helps Children to Learn Coding the Easy Way

In the digital era that we live in, technology plays a big part in our everyday lives. The Internet, our smartphones, the self-driving cars, smart technology systems – all of them are powered by technology. Learning about technology becomes as important as using it and Arikovani tech projects are speeding up the process of learning. The latest project on the crowdfunding platform, Kodris, is aiming to train more technology-literate and productive generation.

Kodris Studio aims to help children between 8 to 16 years old to gain algorithm development skills and to learn the coding language Python by using text and block base. The platform is easy-to-use, making it possible for the children to practice the knowledge and develop their own apps and games with Kodris Developer.

Designed for primary and secondary school students, Kodris Game allows the kids to put their Python programming language knowledge into practice and create their own games. The team behind the project has given to the children that use the platform the motto: ”We have played enough games, now it’s time to develop our own game.”

Designed for The Tech-driven Generation

The USA and many European countries have already included in their primary and secondary school curriculum programming and tech classes in order to keep the knowledge of the young generation on a competitive edge. Turkey hasn’t embraced this forward-thinking approach yet, which is why in the Turkish market there is a huge need for projects like Kodris that inspire tech and innovation.

Kodris is currently in a preparation phase on Arikovani. To learn more about the project and support its crowdfunding endeavor by giving your feedback, visit its page here.

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