Meet Kaşif – Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

The underwater world has miracles for many. Exploring this mysterious world can be a very exciting experience. Developed for this very purpose, “Kaşif” allows you to do all this. The remotely operated underwater vehicle is a great novelty for the underwater enthusiast, and seems to be preferred by divers, boat owners and fishermen.

The starting point of the project is that the underwater world is a world full of puzzles. The Moon and Mars are all mapped, yet only 5% of the oceans are mapped. This shows us that underwater is still a place waiting to be discovered.

Designed by a Turkish startup named Creatiny, the winner of Teknofest, the project stands out with its great features.

100 ms delayed live image transfer, 170 degree viewing angle, control panel to transfer live image to your mobile phone and computer, 720p recording and picture taking feature, 30 meters transfer cable, and 2 hours battery life are among them.

Both the technology itself and the remote control have a simple design. This makes it easier to adapt to difficult conditions.

What can I do with this technology?

When faced with such technologies, the first question that comes to mind is “What can I do with this technology?”

With Kaşif, you can take photos, record videos, search for missing persons or lost items, watch underwater creatures, use them for catching fish and follow divers.

Kaşif can also be used for industrial purposes. Soil analysis, under-boat imaging, examination of fishing nets, examination of fish cages, ensuring underwater safety are some of them.

One of the most important features of Kaşif is its ease of use. The technology is simple enough for children to use, and durable enough to meet the needs of experts. Technology based on open source code can be shaped by any individual or company.

Kaşif, which will bring a new breath to the underwater world, is in preparation for a crowdfunding campaign on Arıkovanı. Here you can go to the project page and give your feedback to the developer team before the campaign starts.

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