Meet Etkin Bot Smart Bug – Robotics and Coding Kit for Children

Etkin Bot, the beautifully designed, bug-shaped training kit that is aiming to revolutionize the way children learn about coding, robotics and electronics, is marching on its way to hit the mass market. The project is entering the crowdfunding scene with a preparation phase on Arikovani, waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

Etkin Bot is created and designed with the purpose to be used in coding, robotics, electronic and do-it-yourself training projects in private and public schools, private courses and workshops within the scope of STEM training program.

The training kit is designed with built-in User Button, Reset Button, Buzzer, USB Input, RGB Led, Warning Leds, Line Tracking Sensors and Development Pin Sets.

In addition to the built-in features, all the robotic sensors needed for robotics coding training like image, sound, color, heat, light and accelerometer can be used on the Etkin Bot via development pins.

For A Tech Savvy Generation

Having an easy-to-use interface for children, they will be able to learn the basic coding algorithms and the working logic of the sensors using scenarios that they themselves have earlier developed. As the children develop their skills, they will begin to read the source code and write their own code in the future.

The project has the potential to be extremely beneficial for children, helping them to learn more about the new generation of technology and to understand better how they can build technology.

In order to be able to bring the Etkin Bot to market, the project developers need sources to fund the mold production, the production of electronic components for serial production, printing of electronic circuit boards, and installation processes. The first steps to raising the needed amount of money and support, the founders have turned to crowdfunding.

The campaign is currently in a preparation phase. To learn more about the initiative and to give your feedback to the founding team, visit Etkin Bot Arikovani page here.

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