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Meet Embr Wave – The Personal Thermostat for Your Wrist

Have you ever been in a room where everyone else feels perfect but you are or too warm or too hot? This often happens in shared offices where the set temperature isn’t the ideal one for everyone. It is not acceptable to get up and change the thermostat just because you need to feel warmer or cooler, right?

Now there is a way to effortlessly deal with situations like that – Embr Wave is an innovative product that allows you to achieve thermal relief any time you need to.

Designed by MIT-trained scientists, it is created with the idea to make everyone who wears the device more comfortable when it comes to temperature. You are now able to cool down or warm up just with the press of a button.

How does Embr Wave work?

Do you know that you can improve the whole comfort of your body without the need to change your core temperature? It is enough to warm or cool one spot on your body to make you feel the change of temperature all over.

And this is exactly what Embr Wave does – the device directly cools or warms the temperature sensitive skin on your wrist. The feeling of a cold cube on your wrist or a warm fireplace automatically changes the way your whole body feels.

Crowdfunding Success

Embr Wave is one of the most successful crowdfunding projects in 2018 so far. The project’s crowdfunding campaign had an initial funding goal of $100,000 USD but managed to raise $629,856 USD by almost 3,000 backers.

Extra early-bird supporters were able to get the product for a pledge of $179 USD or more – not a bad price for a device that gives such a comfort and ability to achieve instant thermal relief, right?

The video below explains what inspired the founders to create Embr Wave. Let’s take a look!

Cover photo credit: Embr Labs

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