Meet BabyAcademy – Child Development Support Mobile Application

According to research, 90% of human brain cells form in the first 4 years. In these years many of the toys, fast-moving goods, advertisements, cartoons, fashion and even educational materials that the child is exposed to in this period limit the child’s potential to gender with traditional sexist molds. BabyAcademy wants to change that!

BabyAcademy is a mobile application that provides child development support for parents, with specially prepared expert opinions and games, to create a right gender perception in preschool period. Prepared to support the development of children aged 0-5; it offers games that support the child’s development through informative content about social role models and gender equality.

In practice, all of the content is presented with videos in the easiest way, and it is aimed to include the father in the process, development and responsibility of the child.

It also aims to raise awareness and consciousness for the importance of a division of labor that is far from equitable and sexist stereotypes for changing the sexist expressions used in the family and for the right role models in the family.

BabyAcademy is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign through Arikovani. However, it expects feedbacks from potential users before raising funds.

Here you can get detailed information about BabyAcademy by going to the project page and share your feedback with the team.

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