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Mate X: Cool, Powerful, Affordable Folding E-Bike

After getting more than 7,000 pre-orders and raising millions of dollars via its first crowdfunding campaign in 2016, Mate eBike project has returned to crowdfunding scene with a new version. The new version, named Mate X, is now stronger, more durable and has longer-range alternatives.

The new Mate X e-bike comes in three different versions: 250, 250+ and 750. The main difference between Mate X and 250+ is the size of the battery. The 250 model comes with an 11 amp battery while 250+ model has a 14 amp battery. The result is an increased range, taking the bike from 35 miles (55 km) an impressive 55 miles (80 km) with a single charge.

The Mate X 750 has almost the same components as its two siblings. But it is powered by a large 750-watt motor. With a single charge it travels 55 miles (80 km), at a speed of 32 km/h. Both 750 and 250+ come with a quick charger.

All three models have a set of common features. These include built-in cycling computer which shows distance, battery life, and speed, disc brakes, adjustable suspension, smartphone holder and USB charging dock.

Equipped with puncture-proof all-terrain tires and an aluminum frame, the Mate X also features a wide range of accessories, such as fenders, cargo rack and thumb throttle.

Like the original Mate bike, the Mate X is also designed to fold down to a small size. This makes it easier to transport and store. Perhaps the only drawback is the weight of 62 pounds (28 kilograms) which can be considered heavy for an electric bike.

However, most users don’t seem to mind it. As in the first campaign, Mate X is also victorious from the new crowdfunding campaign. The project, supported by 18,811 people, raised almost $ 10 million.

You can have a close look at the project here.

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