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Maonocaster: A Portable Podcast Production Studio

Podcast broadcasting has become more and more popular in the last couple of years. The main reason for this is seen as the acceleration of our pace of life. The methods we use to access the information, such as reading books and doing research, require full concentration. However, whenever and wherever we want, it is possible to access information with podcasts. Maonocaster portable podcast studio answers to our needs.

In order to make high quality sound recording and effects in the production stage of podcast, expensive equipment and soundproof rooms are generally used. Maonocaster minimizes these expensive needs and helps you make professional podcast broadcasting in a cheaper and easier way.

Meet Portable Podcast Studio: Maonocaster

Maonocaster, which is produced for you to get quality sound recording on podcasts, radio or any broadcasting platform, stands out with its ease-to-use features. In this way, instead of concentrating on complex equipments, you can focus on your content.

Capable of recording four channels, Maonocaster connects easily to microphones, smartphones and other sources, enabling volume control and instant effects. In this way, broadcasts can be made ready without the need for challenging post production stages after recording.

One of the most important features of Maonocaster is that it does not need an cable connection. Thanks to its 5,000mAh battery, it can work for 8 hours without interruption. This feature provides the opportunity to record anytime and anywhere.

Maonocaster, which has an advanced noise canceling algorithm, can be recorded using the desired software via speakers, smartphones or computers. Maonocaster can play a small orchestra for those who want to sing, thanks to a set of effects in its own software.

The device, which has many capabilities for you to make professional podcast broadcasts, has achieved a great success in its crowdfunding journey and has managed to raise $ 315,000 funds while the campaign has still 35 days to go. You can get detailed information by going to the project page here.

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