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MAKERphone: Make Your Own Phone For Just $89

Have you ever thought about making your own phone? Probably not. Maybe because you don’t know how to do it, maybe because it looks impossible to you. But it’s not as hard as it looks. At least not with MAKERphone.

MAKERphone is an Arduino-based DIY kit that you can produce an almost smartphone on your own. By combining disassembled parts, you can learn how the electronics work and enjoy creating something cool.

And this is the purpose of the project. Because once you put the parts together and something functional comes out, it’s not even close to the latest smartphones. But you learn basic programming and electronics on the road.

Part list include a circuit board, a GSM module, a dual-core processor, a 128×160 pixel color LCD, antenna and a sound module a headphone jack. Although the product isn’t very smart, it seems really cool.

The project, which was developed for educational purposes, is the signature of a young entrepreneur who is 20 years old. Albert Gajšak, a technology enthusiast, says he aims to encourage people to produce.

Albert had previously developed an Arduino-based gaming console kit called MAKERbuino. Albert, who opened his project to crowdfunding campaign and achieved his goal, is once again on the crowdfunding scene with MAKERphone.

This time, he set off $ 15,000 funding goal, and his project has collected more than $ 250,000 so far. MAKERphone has a pre-order price of $ 89.

Click here to get detailed information about the project and pre-order.

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