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LUMZAG – The Smart Bag Packed With 7 Cool Features

How often do you lose your everyday objects? When you leave the house you also leave your key, your wallet when you leave work, your phone when you leave a restaurant etc. How many times have you seen these? Maybe all you need is something to rule ’em all! So, come meet Lumzag.

Lumzag, who sets off with the claim of the world’s smartest backpack, has super-smart features that won’t make this claim fail. The developers of Lumzag collect 7 super feuatures: Inside Light, Missing Item Reminder, Open Alert, Wireless Charger, Global WiFi, GPS Tracking, Camera.

Let’s look at what these features do:

7 Wonders of Lumzag

Missing Item Reminder keeps all your things under control. Simply mark your items with special Identification Stickers that come with your Lumzag Smart Bag, identify them in your Lumzag app, and if you happen to leave something behind Lumzag will notify you.

Real-Time GPS tracker lets you know the exact location of Lumzag anytime. Moreover, GPS tracking is completely free because it does not use internet data thanks to the special technology developed by Lumzag team!

Remote Anti-theft Alarm warns you via Lumzag’s mobile app whenever someone tries to open your bag. Lumzag warns you instantly. Simply activate the security mode in the mobile app and avoid theft.

Back View Camera let you see everything happening behind you. You can see it in live view mode on your smartphone screen. It can even capture videos and photos!

Global WiFi Hotspot provides you with affordable internet access at all times regardless of the internet connection around yor. Lumzag has a specially designed built-in data sim card for this you can turn this feature on and off at any time.

Built-in Wireless Charger & Power Bank makes you no longer have to worry about charging. 10,000 mAh power bank allows you to charge your phone, tablet and laptop while on the move.

Inside Light let you easily find what you are looking for in your bag. The built-in LED light in the main compartment of the bag opens automatically in the dark.

Is it really a bag or a Swiss army knife. Let’s not forget, Lumzag can carry your things also!

It is impossible for a bag with such useful and impressive features to be ignored. In fact, Lumzag has overfunded in its crowdfunding campaign. With over $ 500,000 funding, Lumzag is now ready to carry your staff!

You can visit its crowdfunding page for more information about this super smart bag.

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