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Lumen Measures Your Metabolism Through Your Breath

Maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t just improve your overall wellbeing, but also makes you feel more confident and happier. If you have ever struggled to keep your weight in check, you will love this product. Lumen is a device and an app that measures your metabolism through your breath.

Many people believe that they have a slow metabolism and give up on losing weight. The truth, however, is that you are able to speed up your metabolism through lifestyle changes. Knowing what and how affects your metabolism is becoming very simple with Lumen.

Lumen makes it possible to hack your metabolism by giving you the needed information about what to eat, how to optimize your workouts, and what you need to do to maintain the weight loss.

As Simple as Taking a Breath

To use Lumen is very simple – just breath into the device, see your metabolism in real time, understand if your body is burning more fats or carbs, and get your daily meal plan through the app. By understanding your metabolism you are able to make better nutrition choices and discover how the food you eat really affects your body.

With Lumen, you are able to track how the choices you have made the previous day impact your today. It gives you information on how your food choices, activities, and sleep affect your metabolism today.

A Crowdfunding Success Story

Lumen makes nutrition easier to understand. No wonder the tracking device received such a tremendous support with its crowdfunding campaign. 30 days before the end of the campaign, the project is already 1145% overfunded. Lumen has raised $572,389 USD by 2654 backers and has surpassed long ago its initial goal of $50,000 USD.

Lumen is available for early bird backers at a price of $199 USD + shipping. The estimated delivery date is February, 2019.

Do you think that a device such as Lumen can help to lose weight?

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