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Little Sophia Will Teach Kids Simple AI And Coding

You’ve probably heard about the Sophia robot before. The humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics now has a little sister. Powered by artificial intelligence, just like her sister, Little Sophia comes to help children understand and love technology.

The birth of Little Sophia took place in November 2018. The new member of the Hanson Robotics family said hello to the world on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. And now Hanson Robotics, who launched a crowdfunding campaign for the little sister, wants to make the cute robot the indispensable smart friend of the children.

Little Sophia, unlike her sister’s human appearance seems a little more toy. The small robot with a length of 36 cm (14 inch) has a semi-transparent head showing its electronics. She can dance, make jokes and chat like a real friend. But her main task is more educational.

Targeting children between the ages of 7-13, Hanson Robotics has also developed a companion mobile application for children to develop the robot. Using the Blockly and Python languages through the app, children can program the robot for different tasks and skills.

Hanson Robotics has chosen a crowdfunding campaign for the sale of its educational robot. The company is seeking $ 75,000 in funding to go into production. And they’ve already raised over $ 100,000 in the first week of the campaign.

It’s enough to pre-order $ 149 to have a little Sophia. Hanson Robotics says it will deliver its robots in December 2019.

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