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Lily: The Smart Speaker That Teaches Chinese

Chinese is one of the world’s most widely used languages. But it is one of the most difficult languages to learn either. Lily, the first smart speaker to teach Chinese makes it very easy.

Produced by a team specializing in audio processing and machine learning, Lily is said to teach Chinese much faster than any other product on the market. Besides, without using books, cards, dictionaries and applications, Lily, which teaches Chinese by just speaking, uses AI speech recognition to understand what you say and voice synthesis to answer with human voice.

Translation has never been easier!

Just ask Lily and get an instant reply! After each translation you can check and review your translation history from the mobile app.

Memorizing the words is quite boring and cannot provide sufficient skills for mutual communication. Lily, with voice games and verbal questions, can be very effective in gaining this skill. Besides, you can check the veracity of your pronunciation in your sentences and compare it with Lily’s excellent Chinese pronunciation.

With regular exercises and curricula, Lily was able to reach your desired level in 3, 6, 12 months.

Lily was fully funded through its crowdfunding campaign and now ready to go! The smart speaker is starting at $149 USD with anticipated shipping in August 2019.

If you want to learn Chinese, you can go to Lily’s crowdfunding page to get detailed information about the product.

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