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Lily: A smart speaker that teaches Chinese

A Chinese startup consisting of language learners and machine learning engineers came together and launched a smart speaker that teaches Chinese. And they’ve already raised almost $1 million USD via a crowdfunding campaign.

The smart speaker called Lily, teaches Chinese the natural way. No books, no vocabulary lists, no flash cards. You learn to speak Chinese just by speaking with it.

Lily is a voice-controlled speaker that can easily teach you Chinese. It’s like Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa for Chinese learning.

The speaker is voice-controlled and offers a variety of language-based features such as interactive conversations, real-time translation, vocabulary voice games and Chinese voice assistant.

AI-assisted smart speaker aims to help English speakers learn one of the most difficult languages with great ease.

In addition to the speaker itself, the team has developed a companion app that covers the writing and reading aspect of Chinese language learning. The speaker itself is being offered in six color options and features a touch panel for on-device controls, though the speaker is 100-percent voice controlled.

Lily is still being crowdfunded right now. And while there are 25 days remaining, it’s by far exceeded its initial funding target. The pre-order priced start at $149 USD with anticipated shipping in March.

For detailed information and pre order you can visit its crowdfunding page here.

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