Lella Kids App Protects Children Against Explicit Contents

Today’s children are born into technology and are growing with it. They use technological devices and software better than most of us. They especially love watching videos from the internet.

Although all these seem advantageous in terms of adaptation to the new era, there are some disadvantages. For example after a few fun and useful videos your children watch, it is highly possible to come across an adult content. It is in your hands to protect them from explicit contents. And it is very easy to do so with Lella Kids app.

Developed to protect children and their psychology from watching explicit videos, Lella Kids is a psychologist-approved child video app. Filtering objectionable content protects your children from videos that contain violence and sexuality.

The Lella Kids app, approved by psychologists for children between the ages of 2 and 7, allows parents to keep track of what their children watch and to provide a safe platform for them.

The Lella Kids app offers age-specific videos, children’s video behavior analysis, current reporting about their children (how many minutes they watch videos, which category they follow more, etc.).

In short, you can achieve full control over your child’s behavior on the Internet.

Lella Kids, developed by a Turkish startup, is being crowdfunded on Arıkovanı right now. Here you can go to project page, have detailed look and preorder the app.

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