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LEGO FORMA – Creative Toys Designed For Adults

Who says that only children play with Lego? LEGO doesn’t. With its new LEGO FORMA series, the famous toy company targets adults who haven’t lost their childhood.

Lego Forma is a premium LEGO experience designed for adults looking for a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their creative side.

The series consists of fully customizable fish models. Koi fish or shark skins can be diversified with different colors and patterns. The toys, which are composed of 294 pieces and have a special mechanism, can mimic the swimming movement of real fish.

LEGO has set a different strategy for the sale of this different series of toys. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign for it. On the crowdfunding page they also explained the reason:

At the LEGO Group we are exploring new ways of working with Open Innovation. Indiegogo is a platform that allows us to interact with an engaged, excited, new community that’s interested in contributing to concepts and product development. Tapping into this passion and desire to share ideas and knowledge allows us to innovate and launch products that are a bit different from what we normally offer. Feedback we collect on Indiegogo will give us valuable insights into best practices of open innovation as we can continue to improve as an innovative company. We can’t wait to see what our backers will have to say!

Click here to get detailed information about LEGO’s exciting new adventure.

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