Kodgem Straight: The Ultimate Trainer for Straight Posture

A sedentary lifestyle, hours spent sitting in front of a computer or in a car can take us all away from natural posture. An oblique posture that damages almost our entire skeletal system can cause mental problems in addition to physical damage. Kodgem Straight has been developed to have a great stance against this increasing problem.

Kodgem Straight is a wearable device that warns you with soft vibrations when your posture deteriorates. It also keeps track of your posture all day long and allows you to follow your progress with the mobile app.

You can take the most important steps by doing your exercises regularly, which is one of the most important requirements of a healthy posture, with the help of StraightApp. With StraightApp, you can follow your progress, adjust your device as you wish, and do regular exercises to improve your back and chest muscles.

Useful Features

Wireless Connection: You can calibrate your device and observe your data anytime with low energy bluetooth technology.

Energy Efficient: It has a battery life suitable for your daily use with low battery usage.

Easy Control: With the StraightApp, you can easily set your device as you want and see your daily-weekly results.

Simple Installation: With the StraightApp, you can calibrate your device and place it on your back and enjoy a healthy life.

Superior Design: It is designed to make you comfortable, light and small in size.

Highly Compatible: With its ergonomic structure you will almost forget that the device is on your back.

Stay Upright Wherever You Are

While working in the office, walking, reading a book or driving … You can use Kodgem Straight wherever and whenever you want, without any negative impact on your daily life. Straight’s hypoallergenic adhesives can vary depending on your skin, but can last between 3-10 days. These double-sided tapes are designed to adhere to one surface of the device and the other surface to your skin. 11 adhesives sent in each box do not lose their stickiness with hair or sweat. All it needs is a dry and clean surface before bonding.

Offering a technological and alternative solution for a straight posture, Kodgem Straight is now in crowdfunding in Arıkovanı. If you think you have posture disorder, can click here to support Kodgem Straight and benefit from pre-order opportunities.

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