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Kiki – A Cute Pet Robot That Learns From You

It didn’t take long for robots to become accessible to everyone in their every day lives. Kiki is one of them. The cute pet robot will become your best friend anytime, anywhere.

Coming from technology bases like Google, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon University, robotics engineers and designers have produced a pet robot with artificial intelligence support. The reason why this robot is called “pet” is that it has no function other than conversation and well, being cute. The robot Kiki was built not to do your home and kitchen work, but to chat and take care of you emotionally.

Capable of learning the artificial intelligence program it is based, the cute robot makes sense of every interaction with it and records itself and gains a personality. Based on the owner’s speeches, Kiki, who knows and behaves in a manner that makes him happy, seems to be in the heart of someone, even if some of them seem a bit dystopic.

Advanced Camera And Face Recognition System

Kiki has dozens of advanced technologies in its small body and another feature is its advanced camera and face recognition system. With this system, Kiki can recognize your face and make inferences about your mood from your gestures. Thanks to its advanced sound detection system, Kiki can detect and interact with your voice. In addition to all these technologies, perhaps the most impressive feature is touch sensors. Kiki’s entire body is covered with touch sensors, and you can feel it when you pet it.

Kiki’s personality, shaped according to the behavior of the owner, can acquire very different selves. According to their manufacturer, if you treat Kiki well, it can be a caring and compassionate robot, or ignore you when you treat bad.

Although it seems a little creepy in the first stage, many futurists had predicted that robots will take their place in our homes. If you want to have a robot that you can chat with and share your love, you can go to its crowdfunding page and look at it in detail.

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