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KEYTO: The Key to Burning Fat In Just One Breath

Low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular in recent years. Based on this diet plan, Keyto smart breath analyzer comes to make it easier to burn fat and improve your lifestyle.

Before coming to Keyto, you need to understand the concept behind the ketogenic diet. This dietary system significantly reduces carbohydrate intake and promotes high fat and protein consumption. The result is ketosis, a physiological state where instead of glucose fatty acids called ketone are used as clean fuel. In other words, the body burns fat it stores as energy.

According to Keyto, the sensor of the device measures the acetone in your breath to determine your ketosis level. Thus, you can learn how much fat you have burned by simply blowing the device.

This smart breath analyzer promises to help you improve your diet as well as collect data about your body’s development. It provides it with its mobile app.

Keyto offers personal meal recommendations through its application, keeping you updated with recipes and health recommendations.

You can also find other Keyto users from the application. So you can support each other by sharing your experiences with them.

Keyto is currently collecting pre-orders through its crowdfunding campaign. With the goal of raising $ 50,000, the project has already raised over $ 200,000, three weeks before the end of the campaign. The device, which has a pre-order price of $ 99, will be delivered to its backers by January.

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