Kartoon3D Will Educate Children With AR

Kartoon3D is an innovative box game with an increased reality base, designed as a tutorial for children over 3 years of age.

After receiving the feedback and advice of potential supporters, the project that is aiming to raise 50,000 TL from their crowdfunding campaign, will help children to enjoy languages, mathematics, grammar and co-learning by improving the learning process and making it more engaging.

Kartoon3D is a project that aims to teach letters, vocabulary, numbers and mathematical operations through 3D visuals and animations.

Kartoon3D, which is described as “the most comprehensive reality application in the world” by the founder Salih Ozcan, is waiting for your ideas to allow the team improve their product so it can help children learn better, faster and with pleasure.

Kartoon3D is available in English, Turkish and German and you are able to see their crowdfunding page here. The team behind the project is waiting for your comments and suggestions, so help them turn their awesome idea into a well-functioning reality!

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