Kartoon3D Crowdfunding Campaign is On!

Kartoon3D, the box game that teaches children to read and write, to easily pick up a foreign language and helps them learn mathematics, has successfully launched their crowdfunding campaign on Arikovani.

If the crowdfunding campaign is successful and the project reaches the target of 50.000 TL, the first Kartoon3D will be delivered to the supporters in August 2017.

Kartoon3D is designed for children of age 3 and up years old. The concept behind the product is very innovative – it provides the children with an individual and collaborative learning environment and introduces them to a different subject through 3D visuals and animations.

Kartoon3D is an augmented reality based box game teaching Turkish, English, German letters, words and numbers (including decimal numbers) as well as four mathematical operations to anyone aged 3 or above. The game is also dyslexia friendly.  Played with cards, Kartoon3D teaches letters, words, numbers and mathematical operations through their pronunciation and also 3D visualization and animations.

Kartoon3D is awaiting your support in their endeavor of helping children learn faster and better, so check out their crowdfunding page here!

Try Kartoon3D now!

Do you wonder what kind of experience Kartoon3D will offer to your child? You can start the Kartoon3D application with a free download on your Android or iOS device. When you take the output of the following images and show it to the camera, the 3D experience will begin.

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