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Italian Designer Is Crowdfunding a Floating Solar-Powered Pyramid City Called Wayaland

An Italian design studio has turned to crowdfunding to raise money for their ambitions and quite interesting project to build a floating solar-powered pyramid city.

The designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise € 350.000 to prove the concept by building the first Waya pyramid. Wayaland is planned to be a self-sustainable floating city that is created by pyramid-shaped modules that are easy to maneuver and are built with solar roofs.

Along with the solar panels on the roofs, another energy source for Wayaland will be water turbines.

The location of this unique city is to-be-determined, and the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will have a saying in locating it.

Lazzarini’s plan is to have the floating pyramids ready for rent by 2022. The crowdfunding campaign is created to give the opportunity to the investors to pre-order the suite of 160 square meters at a price of 1,000 euro per night.

Wayaland is planned to have along with living areas also entertainment facilities including hotels, bars, movie theaters, and shops. To make the experience even more interesting, the creators of the project has decided to grant Wayaland citizenship to each investor along with a Waya passport.

The idea of a clean-energy floating city is quite interesting and beneficial from an environmental point of view, and quite ambitious and unique from a design point of view. We are looking forward to seeing the first of Waya pyramids come to life!

Cover Image Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio

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