Introducing Ignite Greenhouse – The Ultimate Way to Increase Greenhouse Efficiency

Although we say “Turkey is a country of agriculture”, we have been far away from this phrase in recent years. Weather conditions, inadequate manpower and most importantly, failure to keep up with technology is causing inefficiency of agriculture, which leads to the loss of tons of fruit and vegetable every year.

Although greenhousing seems to be a solution to this problem, we can’t take advantage of this agricultural form with traditional methods. Ignite Greenhouse is a project, created with the ambition and aim to solve this problem.

Ignite Greenhouse, an advanced control and monitoring system, follows microclimatic conditions in the greenhouse. The sensors in the Greenhouse kit are placed inside the greenhouse to obtain greenhouse data and can be monitored remotely, also energy and efficiency optimization are provided. This makes it possible to increase greenhouse productivity by reducing the costs of energy needs.

This project, which will provide affordable, simple and easy to use technology, enables semi-professional and amateur producers to farm more efficiently. The application is open-sourced, which allows every maker to create their own kit.

Ignite Greenhouse is currently at a social thinking phase on Arikovani. To give your feedback and share your opinion with the founders, check out the project’s crowdfunding page here.

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