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Inspiring Startup Stories: How Did Twitter Make It?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media applications in the world. So how did Twitter make it to spread all over the world, what stages has it gone through and how did it achieve success? In our inspiring startup stories section, we’re telling the story of Twitter today.

Jack Dorsey is the CEO of a social media company with 326 million monthly active users, which now hosts 500 million posts per day. But no success is easily achieved, and Dorsey has overcome great difficulties in achieving all this.

Beginnings Are Always Difficult

Twitter was born in 2006 as a simple idea. In fact, Jack originally dreamed of Twitter as an SMS-based communication platform. Thinking that friends can follow each other on this platform, Jack dreamed of a platform similar to messaging but to some extent outside of classical messaging. Busy with this idea, Jack Dorsey proposed this SMS-based platform to Evan Williams, co-founder of Odeo during a brainstorming session in Podcasting company Odeo.

Entrepreneurs Love Coincidences

Jack Dorsey’s involvement in Odeo, where he would develop and implement the Twitter idea, is based on a coincidence. Evan Williams enters the door as Jack Dorsey writes code in a cafe. Seeing Williams, who has a certain reputation in Silicon Valley, Dorsey decides that he is looking for a more interesting job and sends his resume to Williams by mail. After several business meetings Dorsey joins Odea and a new era begins for for him.

Odeo is having a hard time by 2005. Projects with great fail, and Evan Williams, who is desperate, follows an interesting way to get rid of it. Williams tells Odeo employees to put their daily tasks on hold and work on any side projects they have. He also organizes a hackhaton in this regard.

Twitter Sprouts

 In fact, one of the situations that prompted Evan Williams to this path is the concept of Dorsey, which he calls “status” (the concept used today as “status” all over the world). This idea comes from Dorsey’s idea of ​​liveblogging, where users can send messages even when they are not active. Based on this, Dorsey reveals the idea of ​​a platform where users can share their public messages and immediately conveys this idea to Noah Glass. Glass presents this great idea to the Odeo board, leading to the start of an era.

During the last hackhaton, Dorsey is presenting the first version of Twitter. When Williams listens to the project, he is impressed and decides that it is an investment project. After this process, Twitter comes to life quickly.

A New Era Begins

Jack Dorsey writes and shares his first tweet on March 21, 2006. In this tweet he says “just setting up my ttwttr”. A new era has begun with this tweet. Twitter has grown so much that it has reached an audience that pushes the limits of imagination. Today, Twitter has 330 million users monthly. 500 million tweets are posted daily. The number of daily active users is 152 million.

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has had a significant success. He had an idea in his head and devoted himself to this idea. According to Dorsey, one of the most important steps to success is to be passionately connected to your idea. So let’s end this article with this great word from Jack Dorsey, “When you start a business, you never say i’m starting a business.’ Instead you say ‘I am really passionate about this idea and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.’ This is the healthiest way to start.”

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