Hints For Crowdfunding

How To Use Instagram To Improve Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Instagram continues to be the leading platform for engagement. Considering that it is vital to make your project heard, reach the masses get feedback on your crowdfunding journey, Instagram is the best place for your goal.

So let’s look at what you should do to get the most Instagram engagement possible for your crowdfunding campaign.

Make It Visual

Instagram means visuality. Nobody goes into this platform to read long, boring writings. You are in front of an impatient consumer audience looking at dozens of different posts per second with a single finger gesture. Therefore, you should include the most eye-catching images of your project. But do not focus solely on the product images. The fun pictures and short videos taken during the development of the product like behind-the-scenes images are among the top-rated content.

#Hashtag Is Still In Business

Hashtags are not new in the business but they still work. Moreover, hashtags can be the most effective way to interact when it comes to Instagram. On Instagram you can add 30 hashtags to each post. But make sure they are relevant to your product category and content. You can use the Hashtag Expert application to help you find related hashtags.

Believe In The Power Of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories create a beautiful space for you to communicate with your supporters, share your brand story and more. In your stories, you can get more interaction by adding hashtags, GIFs and location in your stories or mention other profiles.

Tell A Story

Whatever you share on Instagram remember that all your posts are part of a whole. Each photo that you post on your Instagram feed needs to be powerful and should communicate the right message. Behind the scenes, photos work the best as a way to tell a story as they are honest, unconstrained and present the unique experience.

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