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How to Use Instagram for Crowdfunding Campaigns

With the reach of social media, we are non-stop exposed to visual content. The success of a platform such as Instagram is understandable – in many cases, photos speak louder than words.

Social media platforms are extremely important channels for crowdfunders. Despite the fact that Facebook and Twitter are the two most used platforms to share crowdfunding stories, the power of Instagram should not be underestimated.

The reputation that Instagram has as the platform where you can just check out photos of breakfasts and outfits of the day (Ah, the popular #ootd!) often is the reason why it is ignored by crowdfunders. Yet, you can always make it work for your crowdfunding campaign, especially if you follow the following three bits of advice.

Mind the sales tactic

While including a call to action is essential for your campaign, it is not a good idea to include it in every post. Of course, it creates a sense of urgency but doesn’t have to be put always in the front row with every photo you share. It works with posts that explain how exactly a donation can be made, defining the process step by step, making it easy for the supporters to make the actual donation. But when it comes to Instagram posts that send a message and tap into emotion, the perfect amount of posts that are focused on reminding your supporters to contribute is about 20%.

Include a link to the main page

The optimization of your account is essential. It is necessary to explain clearly what the goal of your campaign is and to give your followers enough information along with the links to the campaign and your other social media channels.

Of course, choosing easy-to-remember #hashtag is essential, yet it is not enough. Make sure that your followers know where to find more details about the campaign.

Tell a story and build relationships

Each photo that you post on your Instagram feed needs to be powerful and should communicate the right message. Behind the scenes, photos work the best as a way to tell a story as they are honest, unconstrained and present the unique experience.

Reply to comments and direct messages if you really want to establish relationships with your followers. Engage with them into a conversation and it will be easier for them to get connected with the mission and vision of your campaign.

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